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eCheck Refund Workflow Enhancements

July 13, 2021

We all know issuing refunds on eChecks can sometimes be a pain. To help combat this we have improved the workflow of issuing these types of refunds and have also reinforced how it is reflected in iClassPro.

These eCheck refund workflow enhancements include:

1) A new label for Cash refunds in the Audit Log (for example: Created Refund: (Cash) (11) for E-Check Payment).

2) Adding a refund method line to the Family Ledger (for example: REFUND (Cash)).

3) When refunding an eCheck for IntegraPay customers, a "Notification" will display rather than a "Warning".

4) Easier to understand financial reports:

  • Bank Deposit Report/Payments By Split Report: The Transaction/Check # column will now show refund details.
  • Program Deposit Split Report: "Detailed Audit Log" entries now include information to the "Method" field that defines the Refund method.
  • Credit Card - Splits Report: The "Refunds" section will now show [CREDIT CARD TYPE] to Cash/Check when appropriate.

To learn more about eCheck refunds, hop on over to our Knowledgebase.