iClassPro Updates (Week of Feb 14, 2022)
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  • iClassPro Updates (Week of Feb 14, 2022)

    February 14, 2022

    The coffee is hot and so are the updates coming to iClassPro this week…

    Customer Portal/Mobile App Transfer Workflow Improvements

    We’re enhancing the Customer Portal/Mobile App Transfer workflow to prevent multiple transfer requests from being created from the same enrollment. Learn more!

    New Filter Options for the FIN-13 Report
    Identify and/or exclude transferred enrollments easier with the ability to determine which students have not been charged for their current enrollment and which have been charged based on a previous enrollment that was transferred. Learn more!

    Customer Portal/Mobile App Notification Bar
    When iClassPro detects a potential issue that may adversely affect the user experience on the Customer Portal/Mobile App, we will have the option to trigger a notification bar to alert customers. Learn more!

    Improved Registration Date Behavior
    This update enhances system behavior to ensure that Registration Dates and/or Priority Registration Dates reflect the most up-to-date information. Learn more!

    New Reporting Capabilities
    We’re adding a Family With Same Primary Emails for Login Report (FAM-12), which will allow you to locate families with the same email addresses defined as primary. Learn more!

    To be notified when these features are live, visit the iClassPro Changelog here!

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