iClassPro Updates (Week of July 18, 2022)
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  • iClassPro Updates (Week of July 18, 2022)

    July 15, 2022

    There’s nothing like some awesome iClassPro enhancements to get your week going! Check out the updates coming this week…


    Restored Indicator
    With this update, you’ll see an indicator for  "No Password Set" whenever a guardian profile does not have a password assigned. This indicator will make it easier for your staff to see at a glance if a password has not yet been established for a guardian's profile. Learn more!



    Improved Workflow
    We’re enhancing the Automatic Makeup Token creation workflow so the system will create the tokens and send email notifications 30 minutes after the class end time (instead of creating them immediately when attendance is submitted). This update will ensure that students do not receive undeserved Makeup Tokens when other students check themselves in via the Check-In Kiosk. Learn more!

    Know when these features are live via the iClassPro Changelog. Click here!

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