New Drop Request Option & Report
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  • New Drop Request Option & Report

    July 29, 2021

    Losing a customer can be hard, and not knowing why is even worse! Customers unenroll from classes for a variety of reasons so wouldn’t it be beneficial to know why a class is being dropped? Well, with iClassPro, now you can with our new drop reason option!

    The new “Drop Reason” field has been added to the existing drop request form, and, when enabled,  you can ask your customers the reason for dropping the class. Having this kind of information will give you valuable insight into why your customers may be leaving, whether it be issues with an instructor, class content, the facility, conflicting schedules, etc.

    As for the list of drop reasons, we have built in some common reasons as a preliminary list to start with and most of the reasons can be edited to suit your needs.

    And to accompany the new drop request option, we have also added a new helpful Class Report, the "Drop Summary Report” (CLA-22). With this report, you can view the total number of drops per drop reason over a specified period of time. Additionally, we have updated the existing “Drop List Report” (CLA-5) to display the respective drop reason and give you the option to filter by specific drop reason(s).

    We’re super excited about this new drop request option and report updates as they can help reduce customer turnover by ensuring you are meeting your customers’ needs. Head on over to our Knowledgebase to learn more about drop reasons and the drop request form!

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