Online Registration, Part One: A Powerful Tool for Your Business
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  • Online Registration, Part One: A Powerful Tool for Your Business

    August 28, 2020

    Do you struggle with long registration lines? Is your front desk staff ever unable to answer incoming calls because they’re tied up registering students over the phone? Or, are you still using lengthy paper forms with hard-to-read handwriting? Well, these struggles are things of the past with iClassPro’s easy, convenient, and free online registration tool!

    Here are our six reasons why you should encourage your customers to utilize online registration:

    24/7 Registration
    You know your parents are busy! So don’t lose out on any class registrations because mom or dad don't have time to swing by your facility or because they didn’t have time to call before you closed for the evening.

    With online registration, parents can register their kids for classes from the comfort of their couch, bed, or anywhere! 

    Guaranteed Time Saver
    Did you know that online registration could save your front desk staff hours of extra work? Entering information and deciphering illegible handwriting can be time-consuming so why pay your staff to be on the phone and ask customers “would you please repeat the spelling of that name one more time”?

    With online registration, you can put your staff where they’re needed most. Greeting customers, helping with check-in, sanitizing your facility and so much more. And parents will love it because they can register for a class anytime at their convenience.

    Helps Eliminate Paperwork
    Why keep a bunch of paper and file folders around the office if you have iClassPro to store important registration details? With online registration, adding new customers, signing waivers, and registering for classes can be a completely paperless process!

    Introduce Customers to Your Customer Portal
    When customers register online via your Customer Portal, they will see an online presence for your business that is both modern and sophisticated.

    As you know, your Customer Portal is a powerful tool that acts as a one-stop shop. Not only does it allow for online registration, but parents can also view important news and announcements for your business, update account information, make payments, request class transfers, and so much more.

    Secure Payment Processing
    Manually entering credit card information can be tedious, easy to get incorrect, and can pose a possible security breach. With iClassPro’s 100% PCI compliant process, your customer’s data is always safe and secure when processed through our online registration tool.

    Slow the Spread of Germs
    This year we have all become a lot more germ-conscious. With online registration, there is no need for people standing too close in line and germ spreading pens since customers can register from home!

    As you can see, online registration is an invaluable asset to your business and is right at your fingertips with iClassPro. Check out part two of our Online Registration series on "Encouraging Customers to use Your Customer Portal".


    To learn more about online registration through our Customer Portal, visit our knowledgebase.

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