Self-Care: Ten Helpful Tips for Business Owners
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  • Self-Care: Ten Helpful Tips for Business Owners

    May 05, 2022

    As a business owner, you are often doing something constantly for someone else. Whether coaching athletes, training, mentoring staff, listening to parents, and the list goes on. But you need to refuel too! Sometimes even after doing everything on the list regularly, you just need to take a ME DAY!

    Here are some helpful tips to keep yourself in tip-top shape to run a fantastic facility. You can’t be what everyone else needs if you aren’t at your best.

    #1) Sleep
    A good night’s sleep is key to success. Getting enough good quality sleep keeps your immune system running smoothly, and it is helpful to fight off infections. A tired body doesn’t fight as well. Sleep also helps to keep your stress in check. And we all know about stress! Lastly, your brain needs sleep. No sleep equals no brain function. How can you successfully be on your game and respond to everyone’s needs if your brain isn’t functioning?

    #2) Get Physical
    Keep your body moving. The more physically active you can be, the less risk you have of developing chronic health issues. Do your best to be involved with your students. If you are actively teaching even once a week, participate in part of the class. You can stretch, condition, play games, whatever it is, participate. This is an easy way to get some physical activity without doing extra. You are already doing it, so why not participate!

    #3) Play a Game
    Play with your kids or neighbors, and play a game, whether cards or monopoly. It's a great way to relax and turn your brain off for a little while. Game playing can also be a great stress reliever.

    #4) Decaffeniate
    We know! We know! We can hear you yelling at us right now! Don’t stop reading. We only suggest that you trade out one of your cups of caffeinated coffee a day for a decaffeinated choice. If you really want to get crazy, you can switch from coffee to tea. Tea has such wonderful properties and can be a great way to help your body in many ways. Too much caffeine can increase anxiety and stress, so maybe cut back just a little.

    #5) Create a Don't Do List
    Taking care of yourself doesn’t always mean it has to be a list of things you need to do. Sometimes the list can consist of things you don’t need to do. So, make a list of the things you don’t need to do.

    #6) Reading
    Reading can be so soothing if you find the right book. I am not talking about reading for work or learning; I am talking about good old-fashioned reading for pleasure. Something that you love to read. Maybe it’s Danielle Steel, Dan Brown, or Stephen King; it doesn’t matter. Allowing yourself at least two hours a week of reading time will go a long way because it’s something for you. Find a quiet place; maybe it is in your car parked far away from the grocery store entrance. You take out your book and give yourself 30 minutes to read before you do your shopping. It will be our secret; no one needs to know.

    #7) Give Someone a Hug
    Hugs can bring comfort or emotional support. So, give hugs; it helps you and others to have a better day!

    #8) Get a Message
    Do we really need to say anymore? If you know, you know. Stop reading this article and book yourself a massage. You’ll thank us later.

    #9) Social media who?
    We are so disconnected in a world where we have so much information and connectivity at our fingertips. Take a break from social media or limit your time on social media each day. Better yet, make a time during each day when you don’t even touch your phone. Stick it in a drawer and ignore it. Be present!

    #10) Have a Weekly Planning Meeting (With Yourself)
    Schedule a one-on-one with yourself at the beginning of each week. Take a peek at your schedule and see if there are times that you can allow for YOU. Schedule your reading, your phoneless/social media black-out times, and perhaps your extra-long grocery trip with some reading time involved. Whatever it is, just pencil time in your weekly schedule for YOU!

    Happy self-care! Go forth and conquer like the champion you are!

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