Send richer emails with enhanced email variables!
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  • Send richer emails with enhanced email variables!

    June 03, 2021

    As you know, with custom email templates in iClassPro, you can add email variables to make mass emails more tailored to individual customers. However, not all email variables can be used from specific pages based on the content of the email.

    With this update, we have improved email variables to be even more helpful when creating email templates. In doing so, we have made the process of custom email template creation interactive to help determine what email variables are applicable for the email. By establishing an intended use for the custom email template, we will display only those available variables from that page. 

    We have also added a "Where will this email template be used?" drop-down menu to define the context whenever a new custom email template is created. Based on your selection, only valid email variables will be displayed. 

    And instead of the "Email Variables" help screen in the email composition window, you will now use the "Variables" drop-down menu to add variables to the email body, which will ensure that only valid email variables can be selected. 

    In addition, when a pre-existing email template is selected in the Email Blast/email composition window, iClassPro will now check the variables to ensure that invalid variables are not included. These will be replaced with the term  “bad_var” so they can be easily spotted and removed/replaced as needed. 

    To learn more about custom email templates, click here.

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