We’ve enhanced the iClassPro Change Log!
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  • We’ve enhanced the iClassPro Change Log!

    September 15, 2022
    At iClassPro, we want you to always feel connected to our application and stay in the know about product updates. By doing so, you’ll notice we’ve enhanced the iClassPro Change Log to be more vibrant and easier to understand!

    What’s new with the Change Log?

    • You’ll notice a colorful, updated layout for better flow.
    • In addition to your account login page, staff will now find a link to the Change Log in the user panel located within the Office Portal.


    • Staff can signup for email notifications to learn about updates made to the iClassPro application. To subscribe, just click the “Subscribe” button located at the top right of the Change Log page.

    And as a reminder, the iClassPro Change Log is a central place where even if you miss an email or pop-up notification, you can keep in the loop on feature improvements, releases, and bug fixes.

    So be sure to frequently check the Change Log so you don’t miss any software updates to make running your business easier!

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