Welcome to “ProTips!” brought to you by the Pros at iClassPro!
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  • Welcome to “ProTips!” brought to you by the Pros at iClassPro!

    December 29, 2020

    Hi iClassPro users! The purpose of our ProTips blog is to introduce you to helpful tips that you can apply when using our software. So whether you’re new to iClassPro or have been with us for quite some time, you’re sure to find something here to help make sure you’re maximizing the capabilities of our software. 
    Below are some of our favorite tips, tricks, shortcuts, and timesavers to supercharge your use of iClassPro. Try em’ out today! Please note that this is an ongoing blog so be sure to bookmark this page and check it frequently for new ProTips!

    ​​Dec 2020: Jump-Start Enrollment by Emailing Past Customers --

    As you prepare your marketing efforts for the new year, a good way to jump-start enrollment is to reach out to those who have experienced them before. Not only are previous customers already familiar with you, but you can ask them for any feedback or preferences about what they want to see offered at your facility.

    Besides announcing upcoming classes, be sure to email a school brochure or catalog to your past students to help get them excited. To get the best response, contact past students who have taken a similar class with you in the past or given previous positive reviews to your other classes.

    To find out how to email past enrollments as well as current, future and those on a waitlist, click here.

    Dec 2020: We Make it Easy to Personalize Emails to Your Customers --

    Did you know that you can send personalized email campaigns to your customers by inserting custom email variables into your iClassPro Email Blasts? Sending a personalized email allows you to approach your customer easier and helps increase the chances of them opening the communication.

    Sending personalized emails can:

    • Help you stand out within your audience's inbox with targeted content
    • Make your emails more likely to be opened and clicked on which can help you boost engagement and sales
    • Strengthen customer experience with your brand or business by sending the right content to the right people at the right time
    • Helps you build trust with your customers

    ​To learn about how to send email variables, click here!

    ​Nov 2020: Creating Blackout Schedules --
    Do you need to create Blackout Schedules for upcoming holiday closures or any other days your business may be closed? If so, iClassPro makes it easy for you to set blackout dates as they relate to attendance and billing. 

    For help creating Blackout Schedules, check out the below article link to learn about:

    • How Blackout Schedules work
    • How to set up a Blackout Schedule
    • How to attach a Blackout Schedule to a class or program

    To learn about Blackout Schedules, click here.

    Nov 2020: Disabling Auto-Lock When Streaming in iClassPro Live --
    If you are using a tablet or phone to “live” stream your classes with iClassPro Live, it's important to disable your Auto-Lock feature to keep your device from going to sleep, which will stop the video stream. 

    Adjusting the Auto-Lock settings on your iOS device is simple and can be done by following these easy steps:
    • Launch Settings from the Home screen
    • Choose Display & Brightness
    • Choose Auto-Lock
    • Select Never from the timing settings

    Similar settings are available for Android devices, but may vary by Android version. Please refer to your manual for details.

    Oct 2020: How to Research Customer Payments in iClassPro & in Our Payment Gateway --
    Occasionally, the need may arise to research the status of a payment. You may need to know if the payment was approved or rejected, if the customer’s payment even exists in the payment gateway, etc. Some possible scenarios may include:

    • A customer reports to you that their card was charged, but no payment exists on their ledger.
    • A customer reports to you that they have never received a refund you issued.
    • A customer reports that they were charged twice but only one payment exists on their ledger.

    In any of these cases, you will want to start by researching the payment in iClassPro and maybe even cross-reference it with our Payment Gateway. Check out this helpful article that will walk you through finding transaction details, status updates, etc. Click here!

    Oct 2020: Applying Account Credits --
    Did you know that there are two convenient ways to apply available account credit to your customer accounts within our software?  

    The first way is to click the "Apply Credit" icon next to an outstanding charge; this option is very straightforward and allows you to select which payments to apply to it. 

    The second way you can apply account credit to a customer account is to click the "Apply Credit" icon next to a payment with an unapplied balance. Going this route allows you to select which charges to apply that payment to. This easy option gives you more control over which payments get applied to specific charges.

    Sept 2020: Custom Level & Program Images --
    Did you know that the Customer Portal pulls the images displayed for classes based on the Level or Program branding image?

    If a Level image exists, it will use that image; if a Level image does not exist, it will look for a Program branding image instead. If neither of these exist, it will automatically select the default class image that's built into our system.

    To customize your Level images, start by going to your iClassPro dashboard and then select Settings > Setup > Class Settings > Levels.

    And to personalize your Program branding images, from your dashboard go to Settings > Setup > General Settings > Programs, then edit the Program and attach the image using the "Branding" tab.

    Aug 2020: Adding Important Details to Classes & Camps --
    Do you have important information you would like parents/students to know before enrolling into a class or camp? If so, our customizable description areas can help! 

    Each class and camp has a customizable description area where you can add details such as what to wear, age ranges, reminders, and skills in the class/and or event.

    From the Classes Page you can use the Quick Edit Tool to edit descriptions in masses. For example: From your iClassPro Dashboard go to the Classes.

    Page > Filter by Level > Beginner. You can then select the classes in groups: Go to the Quick Edit Tool > Select Descriptions tab to edit the descriptions in mass. You can now add your class or camp descriptions as well as images and helpful links.  

    Aug 2020: Make the Most of Your Office Portal Dashboard --
    iClassPro offers several handy widgets on the Office Portal Dashboard landing page. The widgets can be customized to display and track a number of key business metrics - from the number of trials and pending makeup requests, to monthly revenue, to enrollments compared to last week, analyzing programs and so much more!

    Admins can even find helpful widgets to help track staff clock-ins, birthdays, and much more. To learn more about your iClassPro Dashboard, click here!

    Jul 2020: Transfer Enrollments from Calendar View --
    A lot of iClassPro users don't realize this but did you know that there are actually two ways to transfer enrollments from the Calendar view? You can transfer a student "out" of the currently selected class by using the "Transfer" icon next to their enrollment listing. You can also transfer a student "into" the currently selected class by using the "Transfer" icon at the top of the class details window.

    Jul 2020: Mass Copy Keywords --
    Did you know that when mass copying classes, the system will default to assigning a unique keyword to the classes that get created? This makes it easier to locate those classes to edit them, and also helps ensure that you aren't accidentally altering the original classes instead. You can remove the keyword after you are finished editing by using the "Unassign" feature of the "Assign Keyword" tool, or just deleting the keyword entirely (if you no longer need it).

    Jun 2020: Adding Images to Camp Types --
    Help bring life to the different types of 'themes' or 'services' of camps that you offer. For example, a Disney Princess picture could be attached to a 'camp type' of "Princess Day Camps." Add the image by following these easy steps: 

    From your iClassPro dashboard go to Settings > Setup > Camp Settings > Camp Types. It's as easy as that!

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