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Introducing Attendance 2.0

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From the front desk interface to the Staff Portal, taking attendance for classes and camps couldn't be easier!

First step towards something BIG

Attendance 2.0 is not just a new way to take attendance – it’s the first step in a whole new way for your staff to access and interface with iClassPro. More enhancements to our new Staff Portal are on the way!

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A few things to note...

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You will need to update your bookmarks.

Once the new mobile attendance module is released, a link to “Staff Portal” will appear on your login page, replacing the current link to “Attendance Login.” You will need to remove any existing bookmarks, icons, and home screen apps leading to the old page, and recreate new ones after following the link to your Staff Portal.

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Taking future attendance is handled differently.

With Attendance 2.0, you no longer have to take attendance for future class sessions to record planned absences. There will now be a way to mark these planned absences on the student’s enrollments page without affecting the entire class. Any future absences that have been taken with the current version have already been converted to use this new functionality.

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Simple Management of Student Photos is here!

Capturing and saving Student photos couldn't be easier. Staff will have the option to take student photographs with their camera-enabled mobile device and save them to iClassPro instantly!

For security purposes, this feature will be disabled by default, but whenever you are ready to activate it, simply enable this setting by going to Settings > Staff Portal > General Settings